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Museum of Ivan Chersky, Explorer of Siberia and Far East

In Volyntsy village on the right side of the river there is a museum of Ivan Chersky, a famous explorer of Siberia and Far East .
Ivan (Jan) Chersky was born in 1845 in his family estate Svolno, Drissa uezd, Vileyka guberniya (now it is Verkhnedvinsk district, Vitebsk region). After the graduation from a gymnasium in Vilna he went to Vilna Noble Institute. In 1863, being a senior student, he took part in the Kalinowski’s rebellion. After the rebellion was suppressed, Chersky was convicted for a lifelong exile as a private soldier to Omsk, where he became engaged in geological and paleontological studies.
From 1877 to 1881 Chersky accomplished a complex geological study of Baikal Lake, and developed the first geological map of its shores. For the study of Baikal he was awarded a gold medal from Russian Geographical Society.
The city fire in Irkutsk destroyed his house, library and archives, but Chersky continued to do science. In 1881 he presented the analysis of the river Selenga bed, and in 1882, he went to the upper course of the river Lower Tunguska to work at the newly opened meteorological station.
In year 1885, the Russian Geographical Society managed to get him amnestied – since this time he lived in St.Petersburg, worked in the Academy of Science museum and gained recognition as a great scientist. He was named “The best expert on Siberia and its paleontology.”
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