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EU project Bella Dvina: promotional canoe and kayak trip down the Dvina/ Daugava culminated in Latvia

14.06.2010 16:43, Marina Borisova, Institution "Interaction", ,© Bella Dvina
Cross-border canoe and kayak promotional tour down the Zapadnaya Dvina took place on 25-30 May as part of the EU project Bella Dvina.

Day 6. Finish in village Slutiski. Photo: V. BogushevichAim of the promo tour was to attract attention of tourists from Belarus and its close neighbours to water routes in the cross-border tourist region Bella Dvina which includes Vitebsk region and Latgale (Latvia). Overall length of the promo route was about 150 km. Members of the tour team included project experts from Belarus and Latvia, representatives of local authorities, tourist sector and press.

Day 1. Start from Polotsk. Photo: Sergey Plytkevich

The team started their journey from Polotsk on 25 May, at 13.00. Representatives of mass media and local community, including vice-mayor of Polotsk Nikolai Ilyushonok, came to see the team off, while students of the Polotsk sport school escorted the team until the Polotsk border. During the first day, the team traveled up to Novopolotsk, and second day of their journey ended in Disna, where they were met by local residents headed by the city mayor Olga Moroz. On the third day, members of the tour traveled up to the village Yustiyanovo where the team doubled due to the arrival of Latvian members of the tour. On the fourth day, the team passed through Verhnedvinsk where it was welcomed by vice-chairman of the Verhnedvinsk district executive committee Vladimir Yakovlev, local residents and journalists. In the course of the same day, the team visited village Leonpol and crossed the border between Belarus and Latvia in the point of simplified border control “Druja’. Passport and customs control on the Belarusian side of the border was organized on an island near Druja, after which the same procedure took place on the Latvian side of the border, in Piedruja. Day 6. Finish in village Slutiski, at the international folk art festival "Augsdaugava-2010". Photo: Kristina IsateAll in all, border-crossing procedures took about an hour and a half, including time required to get from one border-crossing point to another. On the next day, members of the tour visited Kraslava where they also met with local residents and the press. Promotional tour ended on 30 May in the village Slutiški. Here, in the Daugavas Loki Natural Park, international festival of folk art “Augšdaugava 2010” was taking place. Triumphant arrival of the Belarusian-Latvian team was one of the main events of the festival.

Day 2. Belarusian team. Photo: Sergey PlytkevichPart of the route from Verhnedvinsk to Slutiški belongs to the new cross-border water route “From the labyrinth of lakes to the beautiful Dvina” which has been developed this year, also as part of the Bella Dvina project. The route has been planned so as to give water tourists a chance not only to enjoy the beauties of the river, but also to see certain places of interest in the Vitebsk region and Latgale.

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Bella Dvina project is implemented within the EU programme “Baltic Sea Region” INTERREG IIIB – Neighbourhood Programme INTERREG IIIA – Priority “South”. The programme aims to support cross-border cooperation between the border regions of Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania. Overall objective of the project is to contribute to development of tourism in the border regions of Belarus and Latvia through creation of a common cross-border tourist space along the Western Dvina / Daugava.

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