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Lithuania reports biggest growth in tourists from Belarus

09.08.2013 08:55, Belta,
In terms of the number of tourists that stayed in hotels and other places of residence in Lithuania from 1 January to 1 April 2013, Belarus was an absolute leader in the growth of visitor numbers in Lithuania.
According to the Department of Statistics of Lithuania, from 1 January to 1 April 2013 an estimated 51,500 tourists from Russia and 30,500 travelers from Belarus stayed in the Lithuanian hotels and other places of residence. The third place was taken by tourists from Poland, then went Latvia, Germany and England.

The growth of Belarusian tourists that stayed in hotels and other places of residence of Lithuania from January to April 2013 made up 40% (the biggest figure) while an increase in the number of Russian travelers totaled 16.6%. With this, the number of tourists from the EU fell by 6.5%, while travelers from other countries went up by 18.8%.

According to the statistics, among the main purposes of traveling to Lithuania for Belarusians is the visiting of relatives and friends. Then go business trips, shopping and active tourism.

In 2012 Lithuania was visited by 373,800 tourists from Belarus, up 9.8% on 2011.