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By car

You can arrive to Belarus on your own car. In this case, you should carry an international driving license on you as well as the original documents proving your rights for this car. All transport vehicles’ owners crossing the Belarusian border (transit included, apart from non-transit passenger cars) shall pay a certain fee which can vary from 20 to 155 US dollars. When crossing the border, you will have to fill in the customs declaration, specifying the information about your car, and draw a general liability insurance policy. Belarusian road police (GAI in Russian or DAI in Belarusian) controls the traffic on Belarusian roads; GAI inspectors wear a uniform with yellow fluorescent lines. If you see the road inspector pointing at your car with a special stick (striped or red cube-corner reflector), stop and show your driving license and insurance.

If you decide to go to Latvia by car, make sure that you have your car insurance Green Card) ; after you have crossed the Latvian border, switch on dim lights at any time of day (if you violate the rule you will have to pay a fine in the amount of 10LVL); maximum speed in cities is 50 km/h in the countryside – not more than 90 km/h (fine up to 50LVL), fine for illegal parking is 10LVL, for drunk driving - up to 400LVL.

Additional insurance in Belarus

Green Card international insurance certificates are valid on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. If you do not have a Green Card international insurance certificate, you need to purchase an automobile insurance from the representatives of Belarusian insurance companies. All border crossing points have insurance offices; usually the policy is issued within 10 minutes.

The price is from €5 to €50, depending on the duration of your stay in Belarus.

Belgosstrakh in the Bella Dvina region:

Vitebsk regional branch
210015, Vitebsk, Lenin str., 8b +375 212 37-26-15
Vitebsk branch
210015, Vitebsk, Lenin str., 8b +375 212 36-95-70
Novopolotsk branch
211440, Novopolotsk, Yubileynaya str., 4а +375 214 53-29-01
Polotsk branch
211400, Polotsk, Kommunisticheskaya str., 4b +375 214 42-86-42
Beshenkovichi district branch
211350, Beshenkovichi, Internatsionalnaya str., 12 +375 2131 4-34-52
Braslav district branch
211970, Braslav, Dzerzhinskogo str., 23 +375 2153 2-25-73
Verhnedvinsk district branch
211631, Verhnedvinsk, Sovetskaya str., 52 +375 2151 5-34-02
Vitebsk district branch
210015, Vitebsk, Lenin str., 8b +375 212 35-61-69
Gorodok district branch
211540, Gorodok, K. Marksa str., 54/1 +375 2139 4-19-42
Miory district branch
211930, Miory, Kommunisticheskaya str., 8 +375 2152 4-10-10
Polotsk district branch
211400, Polotsk, Kommunisticheskaya str., 4b +375 214 42-86-31
Rossony district branch
211460, Rossony, Sovetskaya str., 4 +375 2159 4-18-86
Sharkovschina district branch
211910, Sharkovschina, Halaev str., 2 +375 2154 4-13-83

Traffic regulations

  • The traffic in Belarus and Latvia is right-hand.
  • Speed limits: in population centres no more than 60 km/h (in Latvia – no more than 50 km/h), except as otherwise stated by the road signs; out of population centres – 90 km/h; at highways – 110 km/h.
  • It is strictly forbidden to drink and drive both in Belarus and Latvia (any alcoholic beverages, including beer).
  • Radar speed control is quite common; it is not allowed to use radar detectors.
  • Major road signs of Belarus are in Cyrillic (not in English).
  • In Latvia, low-beam headlamps shall be switched on all year round.


You can use taxi services in Vitebsk, Polotsk, Verhnedvinsk, Gorodok, Sharkovschina (Šarkovščina), Rossony. Service price is up to €1 per 1 km.