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Even the most excited and careless travelers do care where they will sleep after a long eventful day. Especially when the golden disc of the sun starts going down and first stars appear on the evening sky one by one. A famous Norwegian traveler Thor Heyerdahl once said, “To understand the spirit of a place, one needs to spend a night there.” We are absolutely sure that you will spend more than one night in Bella Dvina region. This is why you will definitely need information about places where you can stay for the night!

If you are used to comfort and even in travels do not want to give up pleasant achievement of civilization, you will be most welcomed at the region’s hotels. The enthusiasts of ecological and rural tourism won’t miss charming rural manors that tend to multiply each year in the region. Like mushrooms after the rain they grow on banks of rivers and clearest lakes. Their hosts do not only provide bed and breakfast but also can give an insider’s look in the neighborhood, are ready to help with itinerary, can tell a lot about interesting places not far away. The hostesses will be delighted to share the recipes of local cuisine…

After all, it is not that important what kind of roof you will sleep under – be it a sloping roof of a modest but cozy hunter’s lodge or a rural manor, be it a flat whitewashed ceiling of a luxurious hotel or a pulled up top of a tent. Important is to sleep in peace. The place is up to you to choose.