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Bogs are probably the most amazing and mysterious natural objects of the Bella Dvina region.

Elnya Landscape ReserveA well-known Belarusian writer Ivan Melezh emphasized their role in his famous novel People on the Bog. Bogs were like a big storage room for our ancestors; it was here that they could get delicious berries and medicinal herbs.

Even today bogs are quite hard to reach. Nevertheless, bogs are a popular destination among bird-watchers and photo hunters; it is here that many rare European birds of prey choose to nest. Bogs also offer exciting routes for those who enjoy extreme tourism. But remember that travel along these routes is only allowed if you are accompanied by an experienced instructor.

One of the most amazing bogs of the region is a vast highland bog Bolshoy Moh in the Krasniy Bor Landscape Reserve. Here you will see a unique pool pattern complex. Another remarkable bog is Elnya which is surrounded by more than 100 interconnecting picturesque lakes.