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Bella Natura

More than half of the territory is covered with pine woods. Vast forests remained in Rossony, Polotsk and Gorodok districts. It is so good to breathe in fresh balmy air, loaded with pine fragrances!

Krasniy Bor Landscape ReserveThe region is home to brown bear, elk, wild boar, roe deer, beaver, otter, wood muteline, ermine, alpine and European hare. The main game birds are mallard, garganey, teal, redhead diving duck, crested bird, wood grouse, black grouse, hazel grouse, woodcock.

What makes Bella Dvina region especially beautiful is its landscape with hills and lakes which had been left by a retreating glacier. On the territory of the region you will find numerous geomorphological sites; unique terrains, springs with crystal clear water, and massive boulders still keep memories of the Ice Age.