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Lithuanian visa

To enter the territory of Lithuania the following types of visa are necessary:

1. Schengen Visa
2. National Visa

Schengen Visa

1. Is granted to a foreign citizen who has a valid travel document
- if it is valid for at least three months beyond the expiry date of the visa
-passport with two blank pages marked “visas”
-passport issued within the last 10 years

2. A foreign citizen having a valid Schengen visa may enter the Republic of Lithuania and stay there within the time indicated in visa, if all terms of arrival in Schengen region are observed as marked in art. 5 of Schengen code of boundaries.
3. Schengen visas can be one-entry, double-entry and multiple.

Schengen visas may be of the following types:
1. Airport transit visa (A)
2. Short-term visa(C)

Airport transit visa (A)
issued only for transit cross through the international airport of Lithuania. Can be one-entry and double-entry. One-entry airport transit visa allows a foreign individual one entry to transit zone of the international airport of Lithuanian Republic. Double-entry airport transit visa allows a foreign individual to entry the transit zone of the international airport of Lithuanian Republic two times.

Short-term visa (C)
1. A foreign citizen having a short-term visa may enter and stay within the time noted in the visa, but not longer than 3 months within a half-year time from the day of arrival in Schengen region.
2. To transit Schengen stated short-term C-visa will be issued marked “transit”.

National visa (D)
1. A foreign citizen having a national visa may enter Lithuanian Republic and stay there longer than 3 months.
2. A foreign citizen having a national visa in other Schengen states may move freely and stay up to 90 days within 6 months.
3. National visa can me one-entry and multiple-entry.
4. A foreign citizen, who has to travel to Lithuania on business from time to time, and whose has a foreign place of residence is issued a multiple-entry visa.
You may apply for a visa online here

To obtain a Schengen visa the following documents are required:

1. Filled-in application form
2. Valid passport
3. Invitation, approved by the Department of Migration and Citizenship of Lithuanian Republic. In case of a multiple-entry visa – application of a Lithuanian firm
4. Salary-report for the period of past 6 months
5. 1 colour photo (35*45 mm, the validity term of photographs should not exceed 1 year with your face taking 70-80% of photo space);
6. Health insurance policy. The policy must be valid in Schengen countries within the period of your stay in the territory of the countries. The policy amount sum should be no less than 30,000 EUR
7. Consular charge – 60 EUR

For more detailed information about national visas please see here