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Belarusian visa

How to obtain a visa?

Visas are issued by:
•    consular departments of Belarus
•    diplomatic representations of Belarus
•    consular office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the National Airport “Minsk” (for the countries that have no Belarusian representations)

In order to obtain a visa you should submit the following documents to the local consular department or representative office:
•    filled-out visa application
•    1 photo of passport format
•    supporting documents (original of written invitation with the seal and signature of the host company)
•    other documents, specified by the consular department (depending on the purpose of the visit and the type of visa required)
•    passport (expiration date shall not be less than 90 days from the date of visa expiration)

As a rule, Belarusian visa is issued within 5 working days; it is also possible to get an express visa (within 48 hours) with double payment. Standard costs for Belarusian single visit and business visas are 40 and 140 US dollars respectively.

Children up to 16 years old can obtain a visa on free basis, except for certain Belarusian embassies and consular departments, where you have cover visa issue expenses.
Border crossing points of the Republic of Belarus have no consular departments and do not deal with the questions of visa issue (apart from the National Airport “Minsk”

Starting with 1 January 2010, several changes have been introduced to visa procurement procedure.
Three types of visas, namely В (transit), С (short-term) or D (long-term) can be obtained in order to enter the Republic of Belarus. Visa types can be subdivided into single entry visas, double entry visas and multiple entry visas.

Transit visa (type B) is obtained for transit through the territory of the Republic of Belarus for the stated term, but for no more than 1 year, and is valid within the period of 2 days from the day of entering the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
Transit visa can be issued for single, double and multiple transits through the territory of the Republic of Belarus upon presentation of the destination country visa.
If the visa to the third destination country is not required, other grounds are considered for transit visa procurement, including railway, airway, vehicular transportation tickets, or booking confirmation.

The following documents are considered as visa support documents, required for obtaining short-term visa (type С) for the term of up to 90 days:
– business contacts: original copy of request of legal entity of the Republic of Belarus, drawn at company's letterhead paper, stating full name of the person, postal address and telephone number.
If is the first time when a legal entity applies for a visa, it has to submit some extra documents on annual basis, proving its state registration (copy of registration certificate, copy of tax identification number).*
*(representatives of foreign companies, banks, individual entrepreneurs etc. have no legal entity status and, correspondingly, have no right for drawing applications);

– private business: original copy of an invitation, written in due order through the Department of Citizenship and Migration of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus at the place of residence of the inviting party.

The visa can be drawn without the corresponding invitation with presentation of:
•a statement confirming the necessity of an urgent trip to the Republic of Belarus in the event of serious illness or death of close relatives, approved by a doctor;
•document, proving the availability of immovable property on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
•legal notification;
•information of the Belarusian Red Cross Society or executive committee, proving the burial in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and preservation of the grave of close relatives of foreign citizens;
•other documents;

– tourist purposes: sealed request of a Belarusian tourist agency, drawn at company's letterhead paper stating the full name of the tourist agency, its address and telephone number; or request of a resort or recreation centre, drawn at company's letterhead stating the full name, its address and telephone number, purpose, period of residence of a foreign citizen, services provided, voucher reservation and full or partial service pre-payment, as well as sealed obligations of a resort or recreation centre on observance of rules of stay on the territory of the Republic of Belarus; or request of the citizen of the Republic of Belarus and copies of documents, proving his right to render services in the sphere of agroecotourism.

A visa can be issued for the term stated in the request, but not more than for 30 days.
Resolution on visa issuance is taken by the Consular Department official, on the grounds of documents submitted, results of the enquiry and interview.

Consular Department official has the right to reduce the multiplicity and validity term of visa.
Resolution on issue or visa denial is final. Consular Department official does not have to state the reasons for visa denial.

At the end of 2009, the Government enacted a Special part to the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus resulting in the unification of charge rates for consular services by foreign institutions.
That means the charges for visa issuance are determined by the Special part of the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus as following: 60 Euro – for single short-term visa and 150 Euro – for multiple long-term visa. The price of group visa (5 persons), including tourist visa is 10 Euro per person.
Citizens of Great Britain and USA are charged in reciprocal way as citizens of Belarus in British and American embassies: 78 and 100 US dollars – for transit visa (without considering multiplicity), 114 and 131 US dollars – for short-term visa (without considering multiplicity), 366 and 350 US dollars – for long-term visa correspondingly.
Charge rate on basis of reciprocity are applied to citizens of Hungary, Iran, China, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Turkmenistan.
Visa procurement for citizens of Serbia (for the term of more than 30 days) and Japan is free in compliance with the existing international agreements with the Republic of Belarus.

Please, take into account that visas to citizens of neighbouring countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Estonia – are procured at reduced rates, introduced by Belarus unilaterally: 25 Euro – for single short-term visa and 60 Euro – for multiple short-term visa.

Visas procurement at the National Airport “Minsk”

The world system of visas procurement in airports is not well-developed. For example, major Schengen states and other leading world countries do not have such a system. In airports of some countries it is still possible to get a permission for short-term stay (up to 5 days), in other – just tourist visas.
National airport “Minsk” applies such system primarily in order to render consular services to the citizens of the states, which do not have diplomatic representations and consular institutions of the Republic of Belarus, and deals with procurement of all types of visas. They are granted within half an hour and in the presence of a foreign citizen. It is evident that such a procedure and the corresponding airport infrastructure are quite expensive, and ultimately affects the final cost of visas issued (the visa is 2-3 times more expensive). All these procedures fully correspond to the applied international world system of document execution at the earliest possible date.

Department of Foreign Citizens of the Main Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter referred to as DFC) considers the requests for Belarusian visa procurement from foreign citizens and stateless persons which arrive at the National airport “Minsk” from the states, where there are no diplomatic representations and consular departments of the Republic of Belarus.
Visa procurement requests of the states with diplomatic representations and consular institutions of the Republic of Belarus (Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Great Britain, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Egypt, Israel, India, Iran, Canada, Korea, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, USA, France, Czech, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Estonia, Republic of South Africa, Japan) are considered by DFC on extraordinary occasions.
DFC deals with procurement and issuance of all types of entry permits: type B – transit, type С – short-term, and type D – long-term.

Documents for long-term multiple visa procurement (type D) must be submitted to the Main consular department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus (37a, K. Marx str., Minsk) after  preliminary approval of the list of documents to be submitted (contact telephone number +375 17 222-26-61).
The following documents must be submitted to DFC in order to procure visas to the Republic of Belarus:

1. one copy of visa application form for the entry to the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter referred to as visa application form) with one photo + one copy of Annex to visa application form  – for citizens of the states with unfavorable migration policy, stating the name of the inviting party and its address in Belarus.
Visa application form must be legibly filled in by the foreign citizen manually or with the help of technical facilities in Russian, Belarusian, English or any other international language.
The answers to visa application form questions must be full and logical and state the actual aim of the trip.
Visa application form must contain the personal signature of a foreign citizen;

2. original passport or any other travel document. The documents should not raise any doubts in respect of authenticity and must belong to the owner, shall not contain notes, records, erasures and amendments, not certified by the competent authorities of the corresponding foreign state, torn or untapped pages, must have blank visa sheet, and their validity term should expire not earlier than 90 days from the date of visa expiration;

3. visa support documents (see detailed information below);

4. additional documents required for taking decision on visa procurement (upon request of the consular official).

5. confirmation of consular fee payment.

For further information on visas and consular fees please refer to the official site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus (