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Tax free receipts

Upon leaving Latvia, you can get back 12 to 15% of the goods value with the corresponding tax-free marking. In order to get back the VAT amount, total purchase sum in one shop in one day shall not be less than 59 LVL (inclusive of VAT).

You cannot use the goods purchased with the help of tax free receipts until you have a customs seal at your receipt.
The goods stated in the receipt are to be transported from the Latvian territory not later than 3 months after the purchase date.

1.    Ask for tax free receipts when purchasing goods in the shops with the tax free shopping logo at the shop window.

2.    Tax free receipts must bear a note (seal) of customs officer. Before you leave the Latvian territory, the customs officer may ask you to show the goods purchased in tax free shops.

3.    Present your tax free receipt in the cash office dealing with VAT return, located in the territory of the International airport Riga, sea-water port, at land customs Ainazi, Valka, Terehovo, Grebnevo, Grenstale, Medumi, and they will return to you more than 2/3 of the tax paid (12-15% of the cost of purchase). However, if you go back by train, the only thing you would be able to do is to put a seal on the receipt; the tax cost will be returned to you by post.

VAT return by post

1. You can put your tax free receipt in the envelope. But remember that a tax free receipt must bear a note (seal) of the customs officer.

2. Fill in the gray section of the tax free receipt, send it by post, and the corresponding amount will be transferred to the bank account stated by you, or you will receive a banking check at the address stated by you.

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VAT return in Belarus

Belarusian tourists will have an opportunity to return VAT for the purchases made abroad right after they return to Belarus according to the agency agreements signed between JSC “Tehnobank” and leading international companies on VAT return, Global Refund and Premier Tax Free.

You can receive VAT compensation on the following terms:

1.    The purchaser cannot be a resident of the country/group of countries where the purchase was made.

2.    Purchase sum must not exceed the minimum amount stipulated for that country.

3.    The goods must be exported within a certain term from the purchase date (30 days - 3 months).

4.    The purchaser must put a customs stamp on the receipt while leaving the country/group of countries of the purchase.

5.    Receipts must be properly filled in.

Step 1. In the shop
While doing your shopping in the shops with a logo “Tax Free”, “Tax Free Shopping”, “Tax Free for Tourists”, just ask for a tax free receipt. After you have purchased everything you want, ask the shop-assistant to draw the tax free receipt for that purchase; the shop-assistant will fill in your personal information from your passport. Apart from the tax free receipt, ask for cashier's receipt. The shop-assistant will put a note at your receipt with the brief description of the goods purchased (name of the goods and the number of units) and state the purchase sum and VAT amount. VAT rate must be printed on the receipt.

Step 2. At the customs
While leaving a foreign country, show you purchases in package, cashier's receipts and your passport to the customs officer and ask him to put the customs seal on your tax free receipt. In order to have the customs stamp, you should cross the border through the red channel

Step 3. How to return the tax
After all these procedures, the only thing left is to go to JSC “Tehnobank” with your passport and a properly filled receipt and get your money back.

For more information please contact JSC “Tehnobank”, tel. (+375 17) 283 16 00 to the Individual Customer Support Department.