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Goods declaration upon entering Latvia

Goods declaration is obligatory for any individual crossing the border. If the goods do not exceed the benefits for goods transportation or customs charges stipulated by the legislation, this individual can declare goods verbally.

When crossing the Latvian border, the individuals can cross it either through the green or red channel.

Green channel is to be used by individuals who do not carry goods to be declared or individuals who have goods not subject to tax payments.

Red channel is to be used by individuals who carry goods to declare.

Should an individual travel on board a ship, with the transport vehicle on deck, the ship owner (franchisee) can provide either a green or red sticker to every transport driver meaning goods declaration before he/she arrived at the port. The sticker is to be placed at the wind screen of the transport vehicle.

Should an individual travel by train, the customs is to exercise passenger’s luggage control at the border.
The luggage of individuals is controlled in the train or at the customs office, located near the destination point (station) of the individual. In exceptional circumstances control can be exercised at the border station.

The luggage is taken in custody if the customs laws are violated or in case suspicion arouses in respect of such violation. The individual must fill in a customs declaration – Unified administrative document (UAD) about:

1) goods transported through the border exceeding the goods transportation benefits and taxes stipulated by the stated normative and legal acts;

2) goods to be alienated for remuneration irrespective of their number and cost;

3) operating supplies and other goods imported by individuals engaged in personal business, irrespective of their number and cost;

4) goods to be transported in the form of separate luggage;

5) fire weapon, cold steel arms, explosive agents, drugs and psychotropic substances, precursors, radioactive agents and other items, the transportation of which is limited or prohibited, upon presentation of special permissions, issued by competent authorities for such goods (with the permission number stated in the declaration, bearer and service life).