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Border control in Latvia

Starting with 1 May 2004, border control is carried out at exterior border points of EU, at interior border points of EU (including border-crossing stations) on borders between Latvia and Lithuania, and between Latvia and Estonia. Border control is performed by the State Border Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvian Republic. During border control the following checks are carried out (depending on state affiliation of a person):

• In relation to the citizens of EU/EEZ/CH, as well as citizens of states other than Latvian Republic, in most cases minimal border control is performed: identity check on the ground of the document provided, valid for visit abroad;
• For citizens of third states and in specific cases for persons mentioned in the first subparagraph, full or partial border control should be performed; identity check, control of other conditions for arrival and stay in the country (visas, permit for stay, labour permit, insurance policy existence and its validity, and observance of stay term), check of a vehicle owned by the person (including compulsory general liability insurance), baggage, and other forms of border control.

To cross the border a person should have a valid travel document and, if necessary, other documents required to enter the country and stay in it (visa, permit for stay, labour permit, insurance policy existence etc.). EU citizens can use valid identification card for entering the country.

For persons crossing EU border there are two corridors at border points in ports and on railways, and at separate highway border points in EU external border:

• EU/EEZ/CH citizens and members of their families, which are not the citizens of these states, but cross the border together with them, can use the channel which says “For EU/EEZ/CH citizens” or channel which says “For all passports holders”;
• Citizens of all third states and non-citizens should use channel which says “For all passports holders”.

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