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How to enter the border zone

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, stateless persons and foreign citizens, residing in the Republic of Belarus, only need to notify border officials about their intention to cross any border zone and pay a state duty. State duty equals to 0.2 of a base rate, to be paid in any bank which accepts payments from citizens. The receipt is valid within one year from the moment of the state duty payment, and is used as a confirmation of the state duty payment. It is not necessary to arrive at the department of the Border Service; it is enough to make a call or oral statement.

Procedure of the statement drafting. Not later than 24 hours before the arrival to a border zone the citizen should notify by phone the corresponding local agency of the Border Service:
•    State border committee of the Republic of Belarus
24, Volodarskogo street, Minsk 220050, tel.: +375 17 328 54 06;
•    Polotsk border unit
Village of Farinovo, military unit 2034, Polotsk district, Vitebsk region 211654,
 tel.: +375 214 42 21 72

Verhnedvinsk district (Osveja village Council, Bigosovo village Council), Miory district (Povjat’e village Council), Braslav district (Druja village Council, Pljusy village Council, Mežany village Council) are included into the border zone of the Bella Dvina region.