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Leaflets and brochures

Bella Dvina "Tourist Information Centres and Points"
download (1.10 Mb, pdf))

Bella Dvina Brochure
(download (1.80 Mb, pdf))

Route 1: "Along The Zapadnaya Dvina: Following the Ancestors' Footsteps"
(download (7.14 Mb, pdf))

Route 2: car route "Holy Places"
(download (7.26 Mb, pdf))

Route 3: water route "From the Labyrinth of Lakes to Beautiful Dvina"
(download (6.02 Mb, pdf))

Route 4: cycle route "Miory: Round the World and Back"
(download (7.95 Mb, pdf))

Route 5: car route "Natura Bella Dvina"
(download (7.66 Mb, pdf))

Traveller' Guide "To the Bella Dvina Region"
(download (18.58 Mb, pdf))