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About the region


The Bella Dvina region is located right in the centre of Europe and occupies a part of Vitebsk region of Belarus (Verhnedvinsk district, Rossony district, Miory district, and Braslav district), Latgale region (Latvia: Balvi, Daugavpils, Kraslava, Ludza, Preili and Rezekne regions, and two major cities – Daugavpils and Rezekne). In 2012 a new member – Lithuania (Aukstajtia region) joined Belarus and Latvia within the project “Bella Dvina 2”. Project implementation entered a new stage, joining two transboundary regions – the Baltik lake region and the Bella Dvina region. Total area of the Bella Dvina 2 region – more than 40 thousand sq. km. About 2 million people live here.

Vitebsk region is located in the north of Belarus, right in the Zapadnaya Dvina midstream and in the upper reaches of Dnepr. The total area of the region is 40,000 or 19,4 % of the area of the Republic of Belarus. The region is 75 to 176 km from north to south and more than 300 km from west to east. The region borders on Lithuania, Latvia and the Russian Federation (Smolensk, Pskov regions). In the west, the region borders on Grodno region, in the south – Minsk and Mogilev regions of the Republic of Belarus.

Latgale ( is located in the south-east of Latvia. Latgale is an ancient Latvian land which occupies more than ¼ of the whole country (about 15 000 and gives home to almost 1/3 (about 700 000 inhabitants) of the whole population of Latvia. Historically, the name Latgale belonged to the territory of Latvia which was situated to the East from Daugava, from the borders of the Livonian tribes to Slavonic borders. Today Latgale comprises the regions of Balvi, Daugavpils, Kraslava, Ludza, Preili and Rezekne, as well as two major cities, Daugavpils and Rezekne, and smaller cities, such as Ludza, Kraslava, Dagda, Preili, Balvi, and others. Latgale is often referred to as the country of blue lakes. On its territory, the biggest Latvian lake (Lubanas, more than 80 sq. km.) and the deepest lake in the Baltic countries (Dridzis, more than 60 m. max. depth) are situated.

Aukstaitia – is an ethnographic area in the north-east of modern Lithuania. The name of the region can be literally translated as “upper land”. This land is the original core of Lithuanian country. Approximately in XI century on this area the Great Princedom of Lithuania was grounded. Thanks to successful development of political diplomacy it turned in the XI century into the most powerful Baltic princedom, equal to neighboring Russia and Poland. Modern Aukstaitia includes Zarasai, Utena and Anyksciai districts.